Gear Boxes & Gear Motors

Gearboxes are mechanical devices used to increase output torque and reduce the speed, or RPM (Revolutions per Minute) of a motor.

The shaft of the motor is connected to the gearbox at one end and through the internal arrangement of gears in the gearbox, a desired output torque and speed is obtained.

Depending on the application, gearboxes usually come in the following types: Helical, Bevel-Helical, Worm and Planetary gearboxes.

Helical Gear Boxes are the most efficient and most common where Bevel-Helical similar to Helical and are meant to save spaces without sacrificing the advantages of Helical Gear Boxes. Worm Gear Box is a natural braking device and suitable for any application that require to not move when at rest. Lastly Planetary Gear Box is famous for High Reduction Ratio in a compact body.

Why Choose SLS?

SLS provides a wide selection of Gear Boxes and Gear Motors from many established brands. Our Gear Boxes are suitable for practically all types of application and many industries such as Mining, Material Handling (both Light & Heavy Duty), Cement, Aggregates, and Food & Beverage etc...

Our wide range of Gear Boxes are built to withstand even the most challenging environment and with our team of dedicated engineers will work and provide you with a cost-saving and practical solution.

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