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Material Handling

Material handling refers to the process of transporting, controlling, storing and protecting materials, goods and products for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and disposal.

Material handling equipment are the different mechanical equipment that make up the systems used. Such equipment can range from storage and handling; comprising simple pallet racks, casters and carts; to complex whole engineered systems capable of handling and transporting tons of material from source of manufacture to vessels or refineries where materials are further processed for end usage.

Efficient and smooth material handling is key to increasing productivity, reducing costs and ensuring smooth process flows.

Why Choose SLS?

SLS specialises in providing technical solutions for bulk material handling. Bulk material handling refers to the specific field of engineering that concentrates on equipment used to handle dry materials like coal, gravel, stones, pulp, cement or sand.

Apart from offering a variety of bulk material handling equipment like conveyors, bucket elevators, conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, table top chain, sprockets and other accessories, we also boast an experienced team of sales and service engineers who can provide you with a total conveying solution. Having serviced major customers like cement plants, automakers, ironworks and daily news publication companies, our team is well equipped to meet your material handling needs.

Our services include inspecting equipment failure, troubleshooting causes of failure, and commissioning your conveying and other material handling equipment, among others.

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Product Types

  • Bulk material handling
  • Commissioning your conveying & other material handling equipment
  • Inspecting equipment failure
  • Troubleshooting causes of failure

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