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Fully Integrated & Specialised Services

A Team of Experienced Engineers and Technical Staff committed to Excellence, working closely with your maintenance team to Create Advantage for Your Success through efficiency and cost control.

SLSPRO specialises in providing fully integrated solutions and specialized services to diversified industries. With SLS decades of experience and extensive network, we provide a vast range of products and reliability Maintenance solution packages. In critical demanding industries, fast response time is crucial to minimize downtime. Our in-house Engineering team and Technical staff have the expertise to have equipment operational, in the shortest possible time.

Proactive Reliability Optimization

  • Maximises Productivity and Product Quality
  • Optimises Machine Performance
  • Minimise Inventory of spares through inventory planning
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance and Labour Cost
  • Reduces Overall Production Downtime and Losses
  • Provides a Safer Working Environment
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Our Products

SLS provides an extensive range of brands and wide network of bearing manufacturers where you will be able to find any bearing that you need. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers is ready to work together with you to achieve cost-saving solutions and maximize your machinery uptime.

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