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Machine Inspection

The concept of Machine Inspection is an approach only available from SKF CMPs - where the reliability service provided has a holistic approach when assessing the running condition of your machinery.

SLS has been trained and certified by SKF to provide Machine Inspection. Our Machine Inspection Services include:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Lubrication Inspections
  • Vibration Inspections
  • Temperature Inspections

Machine problems that Machine Inspection can routinely identify:

  • Bearing defects
  • Unbalance
  • Looseness
  • Misalignment of couplings
  • Gear wear in gearboxes
  • Electrical issues in motors
  • Worn belts
  • Worn pulleys
  • Poor bearing lubrication
  • Belt drive misalignment
  • Crumbling machine foundations
  • Low gearbox oil level
  • Worn coupling pins
  • Oil leaks
  • Oil water ingress
  • Oil contamination
  • Incorrect oil Viscosity
  • Safety issues on site

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