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SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP) programme

SKF CMPs work side by side with you to achieve your maintenance goals, whether that is to improve your reliability, increase plant up-time and reduce unplanned breakdowns.

A partner to help you identify your machinery problems and solve them

SLS is proud to be a part of the SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP) Programme as it is a program unlike any other. It combines local resources and quick response time from us, with SKF’s specialized expertise in machinery health developed from over 100 years in industry. The result is a service provider that understands your machinery intimately-focused on your needs by:
  • Understanding the running condition of your machinery
  • Identifying threats to your machinery reliability and explain them clearly
  • Focusing your maintenance budget where it is needed most
  • Explaining machinery problems concisely including:
    • What is the problem?
    • How serious is the problem?
    • Suggested corrective actions
    • What are the timeframes for corrective

Optimize your machinery assets through CMP Programme

A pioneer in the field of condition monitoring and evaluation, together with SLS, SKF continues to lead the way with the industry’s most sophisticated, yet user-friendly tools and technologies, form periodic and on-line condition monitoring, to machine reliability and decision support software. Through SLS, you can tap into the rich resources and experience of SKF to optimize your machinery assets for increased productivity and profitability.

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