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SLS Robotic Simulation Capabilities

Robotic simulation capabilities from SLS revolutionise industrial processes by offering advanced automation for depalletising/palletising, end-of-line packaging, and machine tending. Complemented with palletising software like Pally, the simulation offers a universal pallet automation system compatible with Ewellix lift systems and various gripper designs. Pally software is a non-coding, offline programming software that creates accurate digital representations of pallet automation system, eliminating the need for extensive programming and physical implementation.

Its abilities also include providing accurate predictions of the time taken for tasks by simply providing carton sizes, pallet types, and palletising patterns. This can be used to streamline many productions, such as in the supply chain or logistics industry, and optimising warehouse layouts, improving inventory management, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Key Features

  • Efficient robotic solutions for palletising and depalletising tasks in industries.
  • Safeguarding delicate products with automated end-of-line packaging.
SLS robotic simulation is also facilitated by advanced software like RoboDK for a more efficient packaging solution. It enables engineers to simulate packaging processes without physical testing - saving both time and cost. Engineers can import CAD models of packaging equipment and products, allowing a comprehensive virtual simulation of the entire packaging workflow for different packaging scenarios. This function is vital in delicate product handling such as pharmaceuticals. It also allows precise testing of packaging processes in confined spaces, enhancing efficiency and reliability in industries that require delicate product handling.

RoboDK offers a powerful offline simulation capabilities for machine-tending purposes, typical pick and place application, polishing application ,deburring application and end of packaging application. With a focus on enhancing efficiency, SLS's robotic simulation creates simulations of robot positions, machines, and components. Engineers can leverage RoboDK's intuitive interface to design virtual representations of production lines. It enables virtual testing of loading and unloading sequences, optimising efficiency and reducing downtime. This technology ensures precise material handling, enhances worker safety, and maximises productivity in industries relying on CNC machining and raw material handling.

One of the key functionalities is the verification of safety and accuracy during the loading and unloading of parts from machines. By simulating the entire machine tending process, engineers can identify potential hazards and optimise safety protocols to mitigate risks.

Key Advantages

  • Minimise the downtime of production lines.
  • Simulation programming can be done offline, outside of the of the production environment.
  • Reduce risk by making accurate and early interventions on possible errors.
  • Enable digital verification before physical implementation.
  • Flexibility to model different scenarios reduces the cost of physical application adjustments.

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