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“Kassow Robots” established in Copenhagen by Kristian Kassow – Kristian & two private investors as owner. Company is based in Copenhagen and their business plan is to develop five 7-axis cobots for industrial use.

The 7-axis cobots offer a greater range of motion, increased payload capacity, and improved precision. that is ideal for various industrial tasks including handling heavy objects and even delicate operations. Additionally, these cobots are equipped with sensors that detect overload, ensuring that they can operate safely in shared workspaces without the need for special safety measures. This expands the range of possible applications, including repetitive, dangerous, and dirty tasks, making the cobots an efficient and versatile solution for a variety of industrial applications. Risk assessment analyze has to be done before anything.

Kassow's cobots offer a seamless user experience, featuring a modern tablet-based interface powered by the Android system. This user interface simplifies programming through a block-based approach and supports dynamic content, ultimately optimizing the execution of robotic applications. Furthermore, these cobots are designed with modularity in mind, it is easy to integrate various peripherals, grippers, vision systems or function extensions backed by the modular infrastructure. Capability bundles (Cbuns) are our elementary building blocks available for specific solutions and application realization.

Their adaptability extends to various industrial contexts, including repetitive, hazardous, and soiled tasks. In manufacturing, they exhibit precision while tackling intricate tasks, while in warehousing, they streamline inventory management and logistics operations. In the healthcare sector, they lend their capabilities to support medical procedures, and in agriculture, they play a pivotal role in boosting crop production. Across the board, numerous industries stand to benefit significantly from the transformative impact of automation.

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