Bearings & Housings

Bearings are mechanical components that allow moving parts to rotate or move smoother with minimal friction. Used in industrial machinery, they also help to transmit loads effectively and ensure components are correctly located. The range of bearings is vast and types of bearing used vary according to different applications. The most common types of bearings are ball bearings, roller bearings and plain bearings. Ball bearings are by far the most commonly used bearings and are suitable for applications with smaller loads and higher speeds. Roller bearings are able to carry heavier loads, but at slower speeds.

Why Choose SLS?

SLS provides an extensive range of brands and wide network of bearing manufacturers where you will be able to find any bearing that you need. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers is ready to work together with you to achieve cost-saving solutions and maximize your machinery uptime.

We also offer services such as diagnosing bearing failures, mounting and dismounting your bearings, lubrication, and also alignment of your products for optimal running and extended bearing service life. We are committed to providing a total integrated solution for your success.

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