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In power transmission, couplings are mechanical elements used to connect two drive elements together for the transfer of torque from one element to another. A coupling connects both elements, usually shafts that are in rotational movement, while also allowing a certain degree of misalignment, end movement, or both.

Couplings can be either rigid or flexible. Rigid couplings are more commonly used when two shafts are co-axial, or lie on the same axis as each other. Flexible couplings are used where there is less chance of co-axiality or when shocks are likely to occur during transmission of torque.

In industrial machinery, couplings serve the following purposes:

  • To connect two shafts of separately manufactured units, for example, a motor and a generator.
  • To also allow for disconnection of the shafts for maintenance or repair operations or replacement of parts
  • To connect both the driving and the driven part.
  • Allow misalignment of the shafts and to reduce shock loads at the meeting point of both shafts

At SLS, we offer a broad variety of both rigid and flexible couplings for a variety of industries and applications:

  • Gear Coupling
  • Grid Coupling
  • Elastomeric Coupling
  • Disc Coupling
  • Fluid Coupling
  • Composite Coupling
  • Long Term Grease

Why Choose SLS?

For reliability, quality and fuss-free maintenance, SLS provides coupling solutions to increase your equipment uptime and lower your total cost of ownership. Leveraging on our partnership with the top leaders in coupling manufacturing and our dedicated team of engineers at SLS are able to provide you with technical support and customized solution to meet your operation needs.

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