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In today’s modern industrial world, fluid power, and in particular, hydraulics is a relatively new, yet rapidly expanding field. In power transmission, Fluid power is one of the three main methods of transmitting energy; the other two being Mechanical and Electrical.

In the field of hydraulics, machines are operated through fluid power. Fluids are able to transmit energy based on Pascal’s Law, which states: Pressure in an enclosed volume of fluid acts uniformly in all directions, and at right angles to all surfaces in contact with the fluid. The medium used in most hydraulics was originally water, but today, mineral oil is more commonly used instead.

Hydraulics are increasingly being utilised across a wide range of industries due to their ability to not only transmit, but also generate and control power. The relatively small size and compactness of fluid power cylinders and motors along with their high energy potential and relatively lower cost makes them a good choice for fitting onto a wide range of machinery.

Potential disadvantages are poor understanding of the operating equipment and incorrect circuit design, which may result in fluid leaks and circuit overheating.

Why Choose SLS?

Through its strategic partnership with Enerpac, the global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools and total integrated solutions, SLS is able to provide productive, reliable and efficient solutions for all your industrial applications. We offer a comprehensive range of products from small hydraulic cylinders and tools to complete heavy lifting solutions. Our Enerpac Service Centre also offers unparalleled after-sales services and provide great technical support and engineering solutions.

Our engineers are experts in the hydraulic field and always ready to provide you with flexible and tailored solutions to increase your productivity, reduce your costs and eliminate costly downtime.

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