Linear Motion Technology

In the world of Linear Motion Technology, linear guides are the preferred choice for precision guiding, load carrying and moment handling. For drives mechanism, ball and roller screws driven either by servo or stepper motor transforms rotary motion into linear motion at variable speed and positioning. To ease the demand for precision assembly and installation, complete linear systems either single-axis or multi-axis are good consideration for optimum performance. The changing industry trend from air & fluid powered system toward electro-mechancial actuation to achieve operational excellence and cleanliness has driven up the demand for electric cylinders and actuators. For packaging & palletising application, the LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT provide a ready-to-install solution to easily add on a vertical or horizontal axis to the Universal robot with its easy plug & play solution.

Why Choose SLS?

SLS offers a collection of Linear Motion components and systems to meet the unique demands of your application and specific requirements. Our passionate and experienced team is committed to provide the right solution for your industry.

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